Real World Construction Project Scheduling (2nd Edition)

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Real World Construction Project Scheduling - 2nd Edition - This book is the second edition and republication of John Buttelwerth's previous Computer Integrated Construction Project Scheduling previously published by Pearson.  

It is called "real world" because the author wrote it drawing upon his 40+ years of experience consulting with contractors to help them meet their construction scheduling software needs.  He knows how contractors use CPM scheduling, what's important to them - and what is not!  

This textbook has been tested and retested in both the classroom and the company training room. Praised for its written style that is open and inviting to the reader with real world, interesting illustrations, it provides a single source comprehensive examination of construction project scheduling.

Content begins by introducing concepts of the construction industry to provide the necessary framework and background, then fully discusses planning and scheduling topics in detail. It offers thorough coverage of hand-drawn manual network diagrams followed by hand-calculation of all CPM calculations including early and late starts and finishes, as well as total and free float calculations, total project duration, and the determiniation of the critical path(s).  It also includes a comprehensive group capstone project.

The book includes an abundance of real world examples of numerous scheduling exercises—including a full PDF set of drawings, specifications, and schedules of the 10,000 sq.ft. medical office building that is used throughout the text as part of the exercises.

If adopted, in addition to the medical office building exercise material, the professor is provided with an Instructor's Package that contains everything needed to teach the course and to adapt it to an on-line format including the solutions manual, every illustration throughout the book, sample tests with answer keys, end of chapter exercises, the capstone project, and more -  all in a digital format to be used as is or customized to fit their course. 

Other topics include planning and scheduling; the determination of project activities, logic, and durations; drawing precedence network diagrams and manually calculating CPM schedules; and a section on Lean Construction. Well suited to be used as a guide or reference by construction practitioners such as Project managers, Superintendents, and Construction managers.