“Your textbook is great for my students and for contractors.  I have been through three books and I have not been happy with the content.  Your book is realistic and actually makes sense !!!”  -  Cherie Jones, M.B.A., Lecturer, University of Texas at Tyler

“I am a Grad student in Construction Management at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.  On behalf of my classmates and myself, I would like to thank you for writing an excellent, easy to follow text.  A lot of textbooks are surprisingly thin when it comes to computer applications.  Since many students are concerned with improving their job prospects after graduation, proficiency in computer applications is essential.  Thanks again.”  -  Matt Russell, Graduate Student, Colorado State University

“I do not usually require students to buy textbooks for class, but this is one book I require.  This book is based on real life examples and not the theoretical examples that most books use.   This textbook can be used as a resource for years to come.”  -  Daryl Orth, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Northern Kentucky University

“John's book is the scheduling text I had been looking for - one that includes practical applications in addition to theory.  I have used it successfully in the classroom and consider it superior to any other scheduling book I have examined.”   -   Murray Jones - Instructor, Jefferson State Community College


“With this book and one afternoon of their time, my contractors are able to get up to speed with the software and create a schedule that same day.”  -  Mark Conners, Executive Vice President of North American Contractors, Roto-Rooter

“Using this manual was like having a teacher by my side the whole time.”  -  Frank Farruggia, Tidland Corporation, Vancouver, Washington

“This book didn’t waste my time with too many words or topics that were unimportant.  It covered what I needed to know to be productive immediately with the software.”  -  Roger Wainscott, PMP, Belvedere Construction

“The author knows how contractors need to use the software and what’s important to them.”  -  Dave North, President, Tri-Star Development

“John Buttelwerth was my instructor in college and I now use him as a consultant for my construction firm.  Back in college, it would not be uncommon for him to be on a project in the morning consulting with a contractor about a particular topic and discuss that same topic with us that afternoon in our classroom.  It doesn’t get more Real World  than that!”  -  Jim Wilson, Owner, Concept Construction

Custom Training

“John has been a long-time partner with Messer for many years.  He has designed and delivered custom training for literally hundreds of Messer project management leaders in nearly every one of our regional offices.  After the adoption of new scheduling software, John integrated the training with our internal Lean planning philosophies.  The manual John wrote for this training was very detailed and provided us with a great reference well after the training was completed.  John's experience with academia and his knowledge of the construction industry has provided us with a resource that is sometimes very difficult to find.  John has always been very responsive to our needs providing work that has always been beyond our expectations in a timely and professional manner.”   -  Bill Krausen, Professional Development Vice President, Messer Construction, Cincinnati, Ohio

 “John Buttelwerth was instrumental in helping us create a very comprehensive step by step training manual and training program for our new scheduling software that enabled us to bring all of our Project Engineers and Project Managers in all three regions (Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio) up to speed on what the software can do allowing them to begin to utilize the software effectively after just one training session.”  -  Dave Haverkos, Vice President, Danis Construction, Miamisburg, Ohio