Real World Books Drawn from Real World Experience

JohnWyatt Publishing specializes in books for the construction industry written by those who know how to build and  how to teach.  Our authors all  have over 30+ years of construction and consulting experience as well as 30+ years of teaching experience.  They know what contractors feel is important – and what is not – and bring this Real World  knowledge to these manuals.

These manuals have been tested and retested in the classroom and in company training rooms.  Written with the highest level of excellence, including numerous useful screen shots, they are clearly written, easy to follow, and are precise and concise.  They won't waste your time with page after page of dense unimportant text.

Printed entirely in full color on heavy (80 pound) paper with sturdy covers and spiral binding, no expense was spared in the pursuit of excellence.  Visit our shop to take a look at the Sample Pages and Table of Contents for each book.

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