Real World BIM - 8th Edition (2022)

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Real World Applications of BIM in Construction - 8th Edition (2022) has been written for students in the fields of construction management, construction/architectural technology, civil engineering, and others interested in exploring Building Information Modeling (BIM) as it is actually used in the world of construction.  This workbook explores BIM applications of construction processes using simple and easy-to-follow tutorials.  It introduces quantity takeoff, cost estimation, clash detection, simple 4-D scheduling and project visualization using common BIM tools.  Additionally, the planning aspects to properly implement BIM into a project is introduced.  Students and readers will find this text to be an eye-opening first step into how BIM can be used to improve the construction process providing added value to contractors, designers, and owners.

This text is intended to be a dynamic workbook with tutorials illustrating the basic processes involved in the applications previously mentioned.  Although there is a vast array of BIM-related software available in the marketplace, this workbook has chosen to use software that is both widely adopted with versions that are currently available at no cost to students - including Autodesk’s Revit®, Autodesk’s Navisworks Manage®, and Trimble’s SketchUp Make®.  Since most construction project managers have little to no knowledge of how models are created by designers, this workbook focuses only on construction applications related to BIM and assumes that the reader has no previous exposure to BIM software. The workbook comes with a pre-packaged flash-drive containing all the model files the student will need to complete the tutorials and assignments.