Real World Structures for Construction Managers – Analysis, Design and Behavior - 2nd Edition

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Chapter 9 - Soils And Foundations


Real World Structures for Construction Managers – Analysis, Design and Behavior - 2nd Edition is called “real world” because it is based upon three decades of experience the author has as both a structural engineer and as a college professor. The presentation of topics and the instruction contained within this textbook have been used with great success in helping construction management students understand both the analytical processes involved in design as well as the ultimate behavior of the structures they will build. This textbook will serve as the complete structures textbook for the “non-structural engineer”, highlighting the “must-have” building blocks of knowledge in statics and strength of materials before moving onto the design and behavior of common structural elements including structural steel, reinforced concrete, and wood.  

Students and readers will find this text to be user-friendly with many real world examples presented in each chapter with a particular emphasis on structures that construction managers will see and construct on their own projects. Exercises at the end of each chapter are also directed to the construction management student and will provide the student with an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. The textbook ends with a short “capstone” project that is both realistic and interesting and again will allow the student to gain a perspective of the entire design process. The textbook is perfect for students in a construction management program whether they have had a previous Statics and Strength of Materials course or not. Students and readers will find it covers all the topics needed to gain a thorough understanding of the structures you see in the real world.